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Black AF Safety Keychain

Black AF Safety Keychain

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Add AF Mask for only $3?

What it includes:

-Black Personal Safety Alarm with Flashlight (batteries included)
-Touchless Door Opener/ Touchscreen Stylus Keychain 
-Black Marble Wristlet
-Black Silk Hair Scrunchie 
-Red Faux Fur Pom Pom 

 A  message from your small business owner:

As a woman, personal safety has always been very important to me and something I have unfortunately been worried about on a daily basis. I wanted to change that. My goal was to create something for anyone of any age to carry with them everywhere they go. Something that is easy to grab and always in your hand. A safety keychain that makes you feel safe and follows all of Canada's self defense laws.

The keychains main feature is the self defense alarm. It allows you to gravitate all eyes on you with its triggering siren. If you were to feel unsafe, it would be the perfect time to use it. Think about a parking lot when a car alarm goes off, everyone's heads turn to see where it coming from, right? Same idea. The keychain comes with other useful tools as you can see from the photos, the diversity in ways which you can use the touchless keychain is countless. And of course a hair scrunchie, cause why not? The wristlet is comfortable and durable and easy to fit into your purse if need be.

I hope this helps you and your loved ones feel more confident when going out alone. Stay safe!

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