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Rose Pink Baguette Ring

Rose Pink Baguette Ring

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This royalty like ring will add a classic and playful glow to your look with its light pink design. Its unique irregular baguette design takes a contemporary turn on a classic baguette ring. A brilliant must have to accessorize your fingers in the most fashionable way. 

Why Rose Pink? 

Rose is ultimately feminine and delicate. It evokes feelings of romance, sensitivity, femininity, and sweetness. Traditionally, the colour rose has always had a strong female association due to its warmth, softness and connection with love and emotion. ‘Rose’ which means pink or red in a number of languages, has also been linked to beauty and positivity. To live a life in pink, or as the French say, ‘la vie en rose’ is to see the world through rose-colored glasses – a truly beautiful and optimistic way to view all of life’s situations and surroundings.


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